Budgeting tips: How to cut costs to save a few quick bucks

Today’s market has brought us many wonders. Red velvet lattes, high-end vacuum cleaners, talking watches, streaming services, the list could go on. The market is flooded with all different avenues to spend our hard-earned dollars. With all these tempting goodies, budgeting tips are essential. When it comes to budgeting tips there is a myriad of different tips for saving. However, budgeting tips have become a bit same same, don’t you think? Tips like make a checklist or your review spending, are tips we’ve seen across hundreds of blog posts. So, we thought it was time to get creative, spice things up a little. We have gone far and wide to gather the ultimate budgeting tips to help you cut costs and save a few bucks.

We think that budgeting is a core pillar of personal finance. Money can open up all sorts of inspiring opportunities, but only if you use it wisely. That’s why we are dedicating a few blog posts to exploring the art of creating a budget and budgeting tools. So, stay tuned for a treasure chest of gold advice and essential finance tips. You might just hit the jackpot!

Back to budgeting tips. To best present our ultimate list of budgeting tips, we will divide them into categories. There are many areas of our lives where we can spend exclusive money, such as personal care, technology, travel, home and work. So, let’s dive into how you save a few bucks in all areas of life!

Save a buck at home

Budgeting tips don’t have to start by completely cutting out expenses. Believe it or not, you can begin with simply cutting BACK. To make a budget you first have to learn all the budgeting tips to save a few bucks. Finding ways to reduce costs, rather than rob yourself of life’s pleasures.

Don’t waste your water

It happens to all of us. When we’re washing our hands and forget to turn the tap off properly, and then we just forget about it. All that water slowly dripping out from the tap runs into obscurity! And quite literally drains your water bill.

Research your internet bill

Bills are an efficient way to save a buck at home. In regards to budgeting tips, finding cost-effective alternatives to your current providers is an easy way to save a few bucks. Internet is an easy bill to start with. There is a myriad of different internet providers, each offering different packages. iSelect is a great platform to compare internet providers and will help you find a data package that suits your needs and your budget.

Do you really need the latest Google Home?

Impulsive buying is budgeting public enemy number 1. You may be walking down the isles of your local department store and see a flashy ad for the new Google Home or a wireless charger. We can all acknowledge that these products are pretty nifty, however, are they essential? Not really. Especially, when you’re working on a tight budget.

Get hooked on the DIY lifestyle

We are talkin’ DIY air fresheners, DIY decorating, DIY gifts, DIY containers, DIY cleaning solution, the list could go on! Ignite your creative spirit and challenge it into your budgeting. Instead of spending your hard earned moolah on overpriced trinkets, make your own! Give your home a sense belonging with a touch of you in each piece of your decor.

Stay warm with blankets

Now we are not suggesting you freeze. However, in some situations, a classic, snuggling a blanket would work just as effectively as a heater. And it costs you nothing!

Turn energy-efficient

There is an abundance of ways to become more energy-efficient. Particularly all the energy we use could be converted to efficient usage. The classic omen is to turn off all your lights when they are not in use. We may sound like a broken record. However, it’s possibly the easiest way to save on your rising electricity bill. Also, swap out your dusty old-fashioned light bulbs for fresh, innovative energy efficient bulbs. LED and CFL bulbs require less energy to run and although they may be on the exy side initially, they’ll save you a few bucks in the long run.

Maintain your appliances

f you notice something isn’t quite right with your dishwasher or washing machine, get it fixed! Rather than tossing it out and forking out the cash for a new one. Don’t spend money when you don’t need to.

Budgeting for personal care

Adhering to budgeting tips for personal care doesn’t mean you’re ready to give up your treat yo self-attitude. It means cutting back on a few tiny luxuries you wouldn’t really miss. Budgeting tips for personal care also mean it’s time to release the frugal in you! Follow these budgeting tips for a heavy wallet and a lighter you!

Be on a lookout for bargains

Keep on high alert for any sales and bargains. Browse catalogues and online stores for exclusive sales. Even sign up to their emailing list for that extra 10% off. The vastness of the internet makes searching for bargains without help fruitless. However, never fear, because the internet was gifted as a bargain-hunting helper! Honey is a coupon and discount finding service that will guide you through your bargain exploration. Simply add Honey to your Chrome extensions and it will pick any discounts on web pages you visit.

Take care of yourself

Keep yourself healthy to save on those costly trips to the doctor. Make sure to get a healthy dose of sleep per night, maintain a good diet and regular exercise. Just your basic maintenance activities to prevent expensive medical bills.

Beauty DIY

Treating yo self to a nice spa day is definitely a must. However, they can be costly, and when you’re working on a tight budget, a spa day may be out of the picture. But, wait! Don’t lose hope. Remember our budgeting tips philosophy? Instead of going cold turkey, simply change your thinking. Find a way to enjoy your favourite treat for less! The internet holds a treasure cove of DIY face masks and body scrubs. So, get exploring.

DIY fitness

Paying $30 a week for a gym you only attend once a week after you feel bad about indulging in a whole block of chocolate? Then maybe it’s time to give up on the membership and accept defeat. However, that doesn’t mean you have to drop your exercise routine. There are plenty of videos online that guide you through a yoga class or through a cardio routine. And you can do them from the comfort of your living room. So, no need to spend that $100 to look fancy at the gym.

Save a buck at work

Prepare your lunch

If you’ve developed a habit of buying lunch every day or two, ditch that! Opt for a homemade lunch instead. Set an hour or two aside for some quality time with your pots and pans. Your bank account will thank you! If you can get into the habit of bringing your own lunch, it will never seem like a chore.

DIY coffee

Take the plunge and invest in a nice coffee machine (pods or espresso depending on your level of expertise). It can be a hefty upfront cost, however, the investment is worth it. You’ll save on the daily $4 coffee runs. You could also inspire your workplace to invest in a pod machine by collecting pool for all the costs.

Budgeting for travel

Bike it

If you already have a long commute, ignore this budgeting tip. However, if you’re sitting in your car for 15 minutes on your commute to work, then consider biking it. These budgeting tips work two ways; you can save on petrol and fit in your cardio for the day!


If you have a workmate that lives near you, consider organising a carpool. Like most budgeting tips, this one also has two sides. You can get to know a potentially awesome friend and you can cut on expenses!

Train it

Public transport may be more expensive than biking it, however, it’s certainly cheaper than the price of oil! If your work is accessible via public transport, consider making the switch. It may increase your commute time slightly, however, with the blessing of Netflix, you can catch up on your favourite shows.

Bulk travel

Limit your car trips. Do all your grocery shopping in one trip to save on hassle and fuel! Combine your errands into a super trip where you can vanquish them all in one mission. Bonus: you’ll feel super good about yourself as well!

Save a buck with technology

Technology is not only a tool for procrastination and cat videos but also a gem when it comes to budgeting tips. The wonders of technology can help save you precious time and money. Use the latest technology to book your holidays. Save money on your next accommodation stay with an Airbnb purchase. Or save on your trip back from a night out by ordering an uber. Have clothes just gathering dust? Why not sell them on Gumtree, eBay or Facebook Marketplace? What an achievement! You can save money whilst also starting a profitable side hustle.

The options are endless with technology. The sky’s the limit really.

Technology has also gifted us with apps. Now we know that apps can encourage impulsive shopping sprees, (you don’t even have to leave your bed to go shopping), however, they can also help you manage your money. There is a myriad of budgeting apps to act as your personal finance assistance. So stay tuned for the next instalment in our blog to learn all about how budgeting apps can save a few bucks.

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