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Loans from $2100 to $4600 require a car, motorbike, boat or caravan to be provided as security. If you cannot provide security, please apply for $2000 or less.

Personal Loans

Quick online personal loans are just that; quick and 100% online. This means there is no need to dig through paperwork to apply for a quick online personal loan. As the personal loans that we find are totally online, the application can be completed at any time of the day or night via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Even if you are new to computers, our customer friendly website allows you to apply for a personal loan when and where ever you need it. Rest assured that all the information you provide when applying for a personal loan is safe and secure. The quick online personal loan application will only take you a couple of minutes and you will usually be notified of the outcome within an hour during normal business hours. We endeavor to take the stress and hard work out of finding personal loans. Our quick online personal loan application process normally requires no extra paperwork as everything can be securely sent using your online accounts.

Quick Online Loans offers Australian’s a fast and reliable personal loan finding service. We endeavor to take the stress out of finding personal loans and provide you with a quick and easy service. We are responsible lender finders, specialising in quick online personal loans up to $4,600. Our team of dedicated personal loan specialists will review your personal loan application with the highest of care to determine how we can best help you. There are no long wait times or tricky complications you will need to endure.


  • 5-min online application – The experience is simple, online and quick.
  • Fast approvals – Most people who apply before 2pm have a same day outcome.
  • Cash straight to your bank – Once approved, your lender will release the money to your bank
  • We’ll find you flexible loan terms – With affordable repayments


When you apply for a small personal loan through Quick Online loans, you can rest assured that keeping your personal information safe is our priority. Quick Online Loans uses the same online security measures as banks and other reputable payment companies.

With secure and fast Money Buddy technology, we can access 90 days of your bank statements online in a matter of seconds (the information is read-only and no one can touch your account). So, there’s no messing around with sending us paperwork. Just supply your details and that’s all we need to get started with your personal loan application.

You can apply for quick online loans if you’re over 18, receive regular income, are an Australian resident and are in a strong financial position. If you pay back your quick online loan on time, you can build a good trust rating and may be able to borrow larger amounts in the future. Apply for a quick online loan now.


We have a very basic set of criteria you must meet in order to qualify to submit an application with Quick Online Loans:

  • Are over 18 years of age.
  • Have been receiving a regular income over the last 90 days.
  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You have a direct contact number.